Sand Injector

This is very specific machine, used mainly on the golf greens and the golf courses.

The Blec Sand Injector is 1m wide. Slits are cut by discs at 25cm centres to a maximum depth of 14cm, 20mm wide.

An oscillating cam causes vibration of the injection legs, which enables the slits to be

filled to full depth without bridging, whilst shattering the surrounding soil. The Sand Injector will handle moist sand, leica and 2-6mm grit.

This machine puts in sand bands; it also assists with drainage, so that, especially in winter time when the surface becomes compacted and smeared (like a mud smear) the water cannot percolate down past that.

It doesn’t help to have the best drainage down below, and 400 or 500 mm – you have to get past that and the top 75 could be so compacted that nothing can work under there.

This machine breaks through and cuts the turf with the blades; it inserts a foot which is following that, and it shakes silica sands or gravel, or whatever you want to do, down through that and places it in a long band.

This is a four band unit and you go down approximately 250 mm – it puts the bands which allow for drainage and air exchange – which helps the plant to grow.

The sand is a clean silica sand, normally, which we utilise.

The reason being that’s it’s pH is neutral, so it doesn’t affect your pH at all, and it also flows very easily as well.

Used specifically on a sports field, and also on golf greens – for drainage purposes.

Once the sand has been inserted into the groove, there’s a roller that just rolls it flat and these back tyres sort of lead it in, and close up the slit, making a perfectly flat surface – you can hardly see that it’s there.

Deep down you have a band of 200 mm by approximately  25 mm to sit with all the others.

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