How do I manage AstroTurf?

Artificial field turf requires less frequent care than natural grass seed or sod, but is by no means maintenance free. Synthetic grass maintenance schedules include:

  • Raking (combing)
  • Deep-tining
  • Vacuuming
  • Leaf-blowing
  • Hand-picking
  • Wetting
  • Washing
  • Sanitizing
  • Treating for weeds and pests

Outdoor synthetic fields entail additional maintenance compared to indoor artificial turf applications. Smaller residential turf installations require significantly less labor and associated costs than university sports fields, but require similar care.

Specialized equipment vacuums up, replaces rubber crumb infill, and rakes through plastic grass fibers.

Artificial turf must be wetted to reduce temperatures on hot days as temperatures can exceed 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Synthetic field grass requires treatment with fabric softeners and solvents to reduce static cling, maintain appearance, and keep the turf product clean. Routine sanitization reduces disease risk and became part of many turf product manufacturers’ maintenance schedule.

Weeds will eventually take hold in outdoor artificial field turf. Herbicide treatments are part of regular maintenance. Some synthetic turfs harbor molds and fungi. If these organisms become a problem, turf can take on a dirty or slimy appearance and fungicide application may be necessary.

Seam repairs, rubber infill replacement, or grade adjustments after settling result in additional work and expense.

Artificial Field Turf Care- Maintenance and Management Considerations

Synthetic grass can save time and money in reduced care. Still, artificial turf products are not maintenance free. Buyers should consider manufacturer care instructions when selecting a turf product and determine what maintenance and repair services, if any, are included in the bid price before signing an installation contract.

Field managers appreciate increased durability and playability combined with reduced watering and labor costs. High turf installation costs may negate maintenance savings if increased playability does not bring revenue.