The Terra Clean™ helps your artificial turf look its best.

It removes litter and debris while returning infill back to the pitch. A robust counter-rotating brush lifts surface debris into the primary hopper, placing it on to a vibrating sieve.

Infill granules are cleverly returned to the surface while the debris is shaken into a collector at the rear of the machine.

For the quick and efficient collection of surface debris such as leaves, paper, seeds from trees, glass splinters, pieces of plastic, and other types of debris.

The semi-supported TERRA CLEAN is attached to the rear 3-point CAT I hitch of the tractor. The working depth is adjusted through slotted distance rings on the front jockey wheels, which are lifted over the tractor's 3-point hitch for transportation.

The debris is removed by a special PTO-driven sweeper brush that throws the dirt and some of the surface filling material into a large screen. The screening process separates the dirt from the fill material so that it can be used again.

The fill material is returned to the turf pile immediately after the screening process.

The floating drag brush, which is part of the machine's serial equipment, distributes the re-deposited  fill material and evens out all tracks left on the ground.