The Field TopMaker (or FTM) can be used in a number of ways to level, clean, de-thatch, and renovate turf areas, as well as the harvesting of sprigs.

It is ideal for use on soccer fields, golf courses, polo fields, municipal grass areas and sod farms.

The Field Top Maker consists of a series of blades which can be adjusted from 5 cm above the surface to 5 cm below the surface. The cut material can be deflected back on to the surface, or transferred by built-in conveyors direct into trailers for removal off site.

The machine has a high working capacdy and fine adjustment is possible. A typical soccer field can be leveled and cleaned in one or two days.

  • By the mowing action of the machine, weeds and tall grass leafs can be mowed and loaded up in a trailer.
  • Levelling of "bumps" on soccer fields, polo fields, golf courses and other sports grounds.
  • By adjusting the machine accurately we can remove weeds, thatch layers or a complete surface. Fields can also be brought back to a perfect smoothness and be back into play after 6 to 8 weeks time with a completely new playing surface.
    The advantages are that water draining ability, soil life and stability will not be disturbed. Another option is to lay rolls of turf or to plant plugs after stripping the surface.
  • By performing a complete renovation we can pulverize the top layer. Or by fraising on low depth we have a low movement of soil and high capacity. The pulverized soil can be left on the field. Deep scarrfying is achieved with the scardying rotor - up to 5 cm deep and removing all material onto the conveyors.


Heavy-duty fraise mower for surface restoration
of sports pitches & golf courses

The Koro Field TopMaker 2000 is a heavy-duty fraise mower, for removing unwanted surface matter such as poa annua, thatch, weeds or the entire surface to a depth of 50mm. It has a side arm conveyor to remove debris directly into a trailer or truckster. The Koro Field TopMaker 2000 is designed for sports turf applications like football & rugby pitches golf fairways, turf farms, etc. Verticut blades allow the Koro Field Topmaker to be used as a heavy-duty scarifier

The Verticut 1200 is a heavy-duty scarifier/collector for removing unwanted surface matter such as thatch, weeds, broad leaved and surface rooting grasses and light linear aeration. Its heavy-duty tungsten-tipped blades are set at 34mm spacings and throw the material directly into the hopper. The Verticut 1200 is designed for fine turf applications such as golf greens
and tees, tennis courts and bowling greens.

Also available is the Verticut rotor for deep scarifying. The distance between the blades is 4 cm and the working depth can be up to 5 cm if the turf root system allows it.